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Banjo Demo 2015

Last updated 13 October 2015

This demo cd was recorded live in 2015 with the intention to represent exactly what the audience hears. The background music is entirely self-composed. The cd is a selection of 4 tunes from a solo performance repertoire spanning a variety of styles including African, old-time, bluegrass, salsa and balads. A large proportion of the repertoire is original.

If you are a manager interested in live performance acts, please contact me using the comments section below or by email displayed in the image above for a free copy of the demo cd.

Digital Downloads

The audio are MP3 versions of the CD, the videos are earlier (2013) renditions of the same tunes. Many other videos can be viewed on the The Joy of Life Banjo Project as well.

Skippin' in the Mississippi Dew - John Hartford

Rendition of the first tune on John Hartford's album 'Mark Twang' transcribed for the 5 string.

 Style  Duration  Audio  Video
 Bluegrass  00:03:52  Mp3 file   View on Youtube


Written in the mid 1990's, dedicated to my son Luke.

You may recognise one section of the tune which is based on the reel Drowsy Maggie.

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 Bluegrass  00:05:00  Mp3 file   View on Youtube

Scorpio's Dance

I wrote this balad in the mid 1980's, inspired by a 'Scorpio' lady friend at the time.

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 Balad  00:03:52  Mp3 file   View on Youtube

Medley: Comb your Hair and curl it - Paschal's - The Kid on the Mountain

A medley of slip jigs (in 9/8) I tabulated in the late 1980's. I love the many ornamentations in this version, making it a joy to play.

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 Slip jig  00:03:27  Mp3 file   View on Youtube

Order CDs

The demo CD is available as a hard copy (in cardboard sleeve) using the order form below.

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Demo EP - 2015 Banjo Solo performance - CD version 10 add