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Piano Groove Tutor

Last updated 20 February 2011


The latest version of the Piano Groove Tutor, Version 0.7 is out now.

The major new changes are lockable volume and tempo settings and capability to create your own sessions. To download and read more about it go to the Piano Groove Tutor v0.7 page.

Version 0.5 discussed on this page has become obsolete and will no longer be downloadable. The sessions have also become obsolete because the version 0.7 sessions use a slightly different format. If you previously downloaded the v 0.5 sessions they should still work in version 0.7 (though I made a few minor changes to some of them). Playing the new sessions in version 0.5 also works but with a few hick-ups, such as the metronome tracks not playing and some instruments not being on the right channel.

I dedicated a separate page to the sessions (in their new format). That's were all the newly published sessions will appear from now on. You can view the Piano Groove Tutor Sessions here.

The information relevant to this version only, as well as the forum entries will still be available here. All the chapters also relevant to v 0.7 have now moved to the Piano Groove Tutor v0.7 page.

Piano Groove Tutor version 0.5

Other pages available on this topic are:

Piano Groove Tutor version 0.5


The main advantage of this version is that you can add new sessions to it - something you can't do with the earlier Webstart version.

  • Java Jar executable stand-alone version suiting most platforms.
  • Expandable - newly available sessions can simply be added to the application's Sessions folder.
  • Loop points can be set on any beat boundary.
  • Volume control added.
  • Application automatically loads sessions - no need to navigate to folders.
  • The info box displays valuable information on your systems MIDI capabilities at start up.
  • Application window size scaled to your system's resolution.
  • Progress units displayed in beats instead of 'ticks'

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