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Piano Diary 2000 1 - Introduction and Blues licks


A little musical diary I assembled in 1996. This was my first attempt at using the sequencing software Cubase on the Atari computer. All audio examples and music scores are done using this software.

The music examples are executed by the sequencer, so you may have to use your imagination to make some of these samples come to life.

The pages in this document are scanned from an early printout since I haven't got a MS version of the digital data (even the word processing was done on the atari).

The audio files last from 1 to 3 minutes and are highly compressed. The links to the audio files precede the examples. They will download in a different browser window to enable simultaneously listening to the music while watching the music notation. This works well in the Mozilla browser, though for some reason Internet Explorer may find issue with this. In case you have trouble, just right click the audio file, click save link as.

I plan to include video (at a later time) to show how the excerpts can be played on the keyboard.

Piano Diary 2000

Download all the blues licks