The only app for archiving tweets

TweetNEST - Tweet archiving app for android

SmallDATA represents two people, Greg Hickey, who has a knack of throwing around ideas and Dirk Bertels, who writes code.

It was Greg, an avid twitter user, who saw the potential of an app that could store and manage tweets from twitter users. TweetNEST is the result of many meetings between the two and several months of writing software.

TweetNEST is the only tweet archiving app we know of that's out there. We know of no other app that enables the user to archive (download and store) all tweets of multiple users, and apply functionality to the archives such as searching, labeling, publishing, sharing, etc.

Browse through the TweetNEST Pictural Tutorials pdf document which has step by step instructions with many screenshots to get some idea of this app's capabilities.

Or view the TweetNEST Manual for a comprehensive list and description of functionalities.

What is TweetNEST?

TweetNEST is a tweet archiving and management tool for twitter users who want to be able to download and store tweets from selected twitter users so they can be managed in a local archive. The user can archive and manage anyone's tweets, you do not have to follow a user to archive their tweets, you only need to have an active twitter account.

TweetNEST provides the user with the following tools:

  1. Archive (save) and Update any user's tweets.
  2. Search selected users tweets by Hash-tag, Account user, URL, Label, Keyword
  3. Label tweets. Create and search your own labels
  4. Filter selected users tweets by Hash-tag, Account user, URL, Label, Keyword
  5. Print/Save/Publish filtered tweets as Text file, CSV file, HTML file - which can be converted to pdf by most browser apps
  6. Link to directly text analysis websites
  7. Share a tweet with other apps on your device
  8. Display any # tag occuring in a tweet as a live twitter feed in real time
  9. Archive any @ tag (user) occuring in a tweet
  10. Display the website for a URL tag occuring in a tweet
  11. Backup and Load databases.
  12. Manipulate created files (Delete | Share with other apps)
  13. View meta data for tweets and users.
  14. Users can program their own settings, such as internet connection timeouts etc.